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ROMP Flip Cordless Massager Wand
ROMP Flip Cordless Massager Wand
ROMP Flip Cordless Massager Wand
ROMP Flip Cordless Massager Wand
ROMP Flip Cordless Massager Wand
ROMP Flip Cordless Massager Wand

ROMP Flip Cordless Massager Wand

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ROMP Flip: Treat yourself to a very special massage!

Hands up, who doesn’t long for a wonderful, tingling massage? And just to be clear – not all massages are created equal. Sometimes it’s the tense parts of the body that crave an intensive stroking session. But other times, you may want to spoil your erogenous zones with a very special massage. ROMP Flip is the perfect masseur – for every mood and every position.

Wand massagers can do magic

It goes without saying that the wand massager has earned its nickname as a “magic wand”. These special sex toys offer powerful vibrations and usually a flexible head with which the erogenous zones can be stimulated very easily. And one thing is certain – this massage includes happy ending! In addition, the massager helps to loosen tense parts of the body such as the neck and shoulders in no time at all. Perfect if you have spent too much time in the office chair again. In short, it’s a toy for full-body relaxation.

Why we should integrate wand massagers into foreplay

With foreplay it is such a thing. According to surveys, it is especially important for many women to get to the right operating temperature through intensive foreplay. But there are more reasons why extended foreplay involving stroking, touching, and massages is a great idea.

Using a sex toy can help to avoid the feeling of routine (and the danger is not uncommon, especially in long-term relationships) and to add a little variety. You can get to know the body and preferences of a partner as well as your own in a completely new way.

Massages are also a particularly sensual method for this endeavor. Feel, stroke, massage – a nice way to get to the actual act. With a wall massager like ROMP Jazz, the whole thing becomes even more intense. This allows all erogenous zones to be explored and stimulated. 


  • ROMP Beat features six powerful vibration modes.
  • Features 4 patterns of those powerful vibrations
  • MATERIAL - So gentle and soft - and above all so safe: ROMP Beat is made of body-safe silicone.
  • The toy is 100% waterproof for shower & bathtime fun!

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