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Women’s Health Week Love Your Vulva!

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It is Women’s Health Week and seeing Bliss is all about pleasure and sexual wellness we want top talk about Vulva’s. Vulvas come in all shapes, colours and sizes! Vulva’s provide so much pleasure but are rarely spoken about. This article as some great resources for learning all about the wonders of vulva’s and how gorgeous they are. We have some vulva galleries where you can see just how different vulvas can be and some books that are a great educational reads. For the most part most of us don’t take much time to think about what our vulvas look like or pay too much attention to them.

Did you know that knowing what your vulva look like and what is normal for you can help you to feel comfortable in your body, your pleasure and to know when something is not right?

Did you know that labiaplasty is one of the most common plastic/cosmetic surgeries being carried out in Australia? It seems that there is an epidemic centring around not fitting a certain standard or what we think is ‘perfect’. It is not like we go around looking at each others vulva’s and the ones we may come across are often airbrushed/photoshopped for advertising, social media or pornography. These things are far showing us real vulvas or how diverse vulvas actually look. It would be wonderful if every vulva owner was familiar with their own vulva but also with the variety to help us to realise that our own vulva is normal and beautiful. The resources below are one small step towards that.

Do you know any others that we should share?

The Labia Library

The Labia Library is a website created by Women’s Health Victoria. Women’s Health Victoria vision is Women living well: healthy, empowered, equal. The Labia Library includes vulva facts, information, advice and a photo gallery of labia. It describes the anatomy with a drawing diagram and some information about normal labia.

The Vulva Gallery

(Hilde Atalanta)

The Vulva Gallery is a website and amazing Instagram account that shows illustrations of vulvas. The book “A Celebration of Vulva Diversity” that came from the online phenomenon has the gorgeous illustrations accompanied by personal stories and other information about the vulva.


The Great Wall of Vaginas

(Jamie McCartney)

Jamie McCartney created an artwork of over 400 vulvas and named it “The Great Wall of Vagina” – although it actually showcases genital castings of many vulvas. There are some vagina and penis mould artworks too. You can also buy the book choc-a-block full of vulvas.

Viva La Vulva!

These galleries are designed to celebrate and embrace the diversity and variety of vulva. Hopefully you can see just how different our vulvas can be, just like all of the other parts of our bodies. You might even feel more comfortable to check out your own vulva and see what is normal for you.

If you would like to learn more about your vulva, pleasure and orgasms you can check out Bliss Books. Books like the Elusive Orgasm by Dr Vivienne Cass, Sex for One by Professor Betty Dodson, Becoming Orgasmic by Julia Heiman, Joseph LoPiccolo Ph.D.


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