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Wicked Halloween Sex

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Halloween is not just about trick or treating for the kids. Adults can have fun with some sexy tricks and treats of their own!



Unleash your inner devil and be as wicked and naughty as you can possibly be, to spice up your sex life.



Try Wicked Sexting

Get your lover in the mood for wicked sex by sending them a mischievous text. Sexting isn’t meant to be subtle, so the more blatant you are, the better, but make sure no one else can see it (we are assuming that you have consent in your relationship for sexting). Ask a question that could start some sexy to and fro. Can’t you just picture the wicked grin on your partners face when they read your naughty message.



Costumes & Role Play



Become a wicked devil, sexy witch or your partners favourite character. Role playing can help you play out your sexual desires. Release your sexy vampire a tight corset, stockings and suspenders, wear a mask and red lipstick. You could keep it simple with some sexy lingerie.



Orgasm Call



Why not call your partner whilst indulging with your favourite sex toy? Try to pick a spot in their day when they can enjoy it. You could describe in intimate detail exactly where you’re using your sex toy and how it feels and make noises down the phone as you masturbate. Make sure to stay on the line while you enjoy a delicious orgasm or hang up just as you get close to keep them in suspense – tempt them or tease them – your call.



Come into my den of desire.



Create your own den of desire by dressing the bed with red/black satin or silk sheets which feel sensuous against your skin and seductively light the room with candles. Incorporate a massage into your foreplay giving all your attention to your partners pleasure.



You could add in some kinky bondage items to your bedside drawer, from silky rope to cuffs, a paddle for impact play or a spreader bar for some variety. You dominate or be dominated in whatever way turns you on,  



Our sense of touch is heightened when our sight is restricted – blindfold play with a slow sensual all over body massage or teasing your partner with a feather tickler or silk scarf is wickedly sensual. Not knowing what is coming next increases sexual arousal.



No Tricks Only Treats



Treat yourself or your partner to a gorgeous sex toy and take your sexual pleasure to a whole new level. There is a wide variety of sex toys to satisfy the most demanding sexual needs, so why not purchase one each, try Miss Bi or the Cobre Libre 2– or the Lelo Tor 2 Cockring so you can both enjoy the fun together.



Halloween Games



Why not try a pleasurable, strictly adult game to spice up your Halloween. Try filling your bath with hot water (no bubbles, oil or bath bomb). Light the room with a candle, try a sensual massage candle like the ones from Lelo to create a sensual environment to get you in the mood.



Slip into the hot bath and slowly begin to oil your body with a little bath oil to keep your skin silky and a little slippery, we don’t want to make things easy for your lover, do we!



Let your partner watch you pop into the bath watching your sexy body get all wet and glisten in the candle light. Don’t let them jump straight in and join you ask them to sit and watch as you use bath oil, running your hands over your body. Then invite them to explore your body from the edge of the bath like they are bobbing for apples. Only when you are ready are they allowed to strip and join you so you can both enjoy the treat.



Take it easy with the oil things will get slippery. If you are using a lube in the bath or any water play carefully use a oil based/hybrid or silicone based lube. Water based lubes will just disappear in the water.



Safe – Sane – Consensual.



Happy Halloween!


Disclaimer: The information contained in this document should be read as general in nature and is only to provide and overview of the subject matter. Please read product packaging carefully and follow all instructions. Seek advice specific to your situation from your medical professional or mental health professional. Safe - Sane - Consensual


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