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Why Silly Sex is Bliss!

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Who has grown up watching romance or rom-com movies?

Hands up, we know you are out there. From those rom-coms you probably have a very specific idea of what "good" sex looks like. Hot, romantic movie sex is dramatic, perfectly choreographed full of spontaneity, sexual tension, and simultaneous orgasms.

Who has sex like that?

We asked around the office and no one can say ‘me!’. Make out sessions are not in the perfect location they are more often than not on the lounge in front of the TV, weird noises included. Sexy stripteases or hastily ripping clothes off a piece at a time as we gracefully make our way to the bedroom, nope. It’s more likely to be fumbling around trying to get underwear off under a doona on a cold night, elbows poking into sides, knees knocking into thighs when you try to move positions. 

Forget movie sex, real sex is messy, awkward, and things don't always go the way you plan.

Which makes it all the more fun. Reality is so much more fun than the choreographed movie version, right? 

Every day, we have choices in life to whether to go with the flow, to laugh and keep on going rather than feeling awkward or embarrassed. These choices apply to sex too. Now, you might think that laughing when someone accidentally farts would ruin the mood — and you could be right. Some people don’t find those awkward moments so funny. The mood is only going to get ruined if you choose to let it. 

Real sex is hot, pleasurable, messy, awkward, and funny all at the same time, it is real.

A quick laugh when something funny happens is OK, then moving on can actually make the experience more intimate. This is because those shared funny moments can make you feel more comfortable with your partner and make you feel closer to your partner.

Which are all reasons that we think silly sex is bliss.

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