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The Salty Surfer of San Francisco 

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To round out Masturbation month we are sharing the first of a series of erotic poems. Why we hear you ask? 30 to 45 minutes of reading erotic stories or sex stories causes a chemical reaction in the female brain, resulting in increased arousal. 

The Salty Surfer of San Francisco 

You watch him from the bow of the ship

A drink in one hand,

Long fingers tangled around a line for support.

Engrossed in a conversation with friends


He is distracted, eyes searching,

Until they finally find yours. He smiles

With easy eyes, as a powerful wave crashes,

Misting his face in a spray of sea and sunshine.


It is impossible not to smile,

Not to throw your head back in laughter

And shriek in delight

As your heart jumps with the waves below you.


He remains focused on you,

Face colored by the waning golden sunset,

And you imagine the world in silence,

Feeling only the sound of his steady breathing.




When the sun finally sets, 

Wet clothes removed,

Alone at last in your surfer’s room,

You dive into dark blue sheets.


You taste the ocean in his kiss, 

Smell the salty spray in his hair,

And you run your fingers through it, 

Giving him the lightest, impatient tug


His hands move onto the small of your back,

And the way his fingers dance along your spine

Reminds you of the sailing lines, your daytime fantasies

And how long you’ve waited to do this.


He stares up at you

Eyes colored by a golden streetlamp outside

And you can’t help but beam with joy,

Sinking onto his lap with a groan of pleasure.




Author: Caroline Kowalski loves Star Wars, dancing to disco, and the taste of lemons in any form. She feels most at home in a new city and can often be found in the corner of a party discussing uncomfortable subjects such as drugs, politics, religion, and sex. Kowalski works as a tech startup geek by day, and plays the role of storyteller by night. Whether essays, erotica, or poetry, her work is always honest, and steeped in sensuality.

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