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The Benefits of Sex Pillows

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Looking to explore new sex positions but have no idea where to begin? Or do sore joints like a bad back get in the way? Officially designated as a sex toy, sex pillows may be just the ticket for unlocking a whole new world of excitement and pleasure. 

What are Sex Pillows?

As the name suggests sex pillows are designed for sex more specifically supporting sex positions. So that means they are firm pillows in varying sizes and with various angles that help keep the body aligned and supported during sex. They are designed to not only help you position body parts for easy access during sex like keeping the hips and body supported during vigorous activity or supporting you in a position that works for when your joints don’t want to play nice. They are great for not limiting you to always having sex on a bed. The change in positions can be enough to change your average orgasm into something mind-blowing. Sex pillows can help reduce pressure on your joints and allow you to focus on the fun stuff.

How to use Sex Pillows

There is no “right or wrong” way to use them. They are designed to add variety to your sex life. Example time – if you like missionary position something like the Liberator wedge can raise your partner from the flatbed allowing you to adjust angles and personalize your favorite position more.

Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo

Used together or by themselves, the Combo really amps up missionary positions and lets you mix things up as much as you desire. Whether it is changing angles or transitioning between positions these sex pillows make it easy.


  • Suits missionary and doggy-style positions but you are only limited by your imagination.
  • Helps save energy and make it easier to change positions.
  • Great for plus-size and differing size lovers
  • Let’s you try sex in different locations not just in bed.
  • Friction, because of the advanced microfiber fabric cover equals less slipping and keeps pillows stay in position. 

Liberator Decor Heart Wedge

Sometimes luxurious sex pillow that doesn’t look like a sex pillow is always a good thing. The Decor Heart Wedge is a compact, convenient, and decorative sex pillow that fits seamlessly with your bedroom decor. This cute pillow is supportive during sitting-up sex or on a chair to further support the person on the bottom. It is a great size and perfect to play around with to find that perfect position for support and pleasure.


  • Great support in doggie style.
  • Great for back support when sitting.
  • Position hips to make your G-Sport easier to access.
  • Fits into your room décor.



Disclaimer: The information contained in this document should be read as general in nature and is only to provide and overview of the subject matter. Please read product packaging carefully and follow all instructions. Seek advice specific to your situation from your medical professional or mental health professional. Safe - Sane - Consensual

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