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April is all about Rabbits - Gifts and Rabbits

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A Rabbit Vibrator is a vibrator with a shaft designed for vaginal penetration and an attached extension for clitoral stimulation.

The clitoral extension part is traditionally shaped like a Rabbit which is how it got its name. The Rabbit Vibrator has been a vibrating icon since the 1980s and has remained one of the most popular vibrator styles.

These days Rabbit Vibrators come in many different shapes and most do not have the rabbit-shaped extension these days. They come with different settings, that include varying intensities wiggles, rotation. As with most sex toys the Rabbit Vibrator has grown up in design and technology.


Sex in the City played a big part in the Rabbit Vibrators popularity

That and the combination of internal and external stimulation. You can watch a snippet of the Sex in the City episode. 

As with any vibrator every body is different and Rabbit Vibrators do not fit everyone’s anatomy. You need to experiment with the controls, trying different speeds and programs etc. It is always a good idea to include a water-based lubricant when you are experimenting with your new Rabbit Vibrator. When you buy a Rabbit Vibrator always consider the quality, material and functionality/programs, it is also important to consider if the shaft and clitoral stimulator can be used separately. We have a variety of Rabbit Vibrators on our site, ethical sex toys, a variety of sizes and functionality.

Everybody is different and that feeds into the major criticism of Rabit Vibrators don’t fit everyone. All vulvas are different in their size, shape, and proportions, like any other part of your body. Research has found a large variation in the space between a person's clitoris and vagina. This means that some toys just don't fit some bodies - we are not all cookie-cutter, snapchat filter perfect/identical. 

This month is April and Easter, so Bliss is having a little fun with Rabbit Vibrators. Buy one of our Rabbit Vibrators and we will send you an Easter Rabbit inspired gift, in addition to the orders over $100 gift we send out normally.

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