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A Great Guide to Gifting Sex Toys

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Gifting sex toys can be a tricky decision and requires a certain finesse in giving. The truth is you can give anyone a pair of socks no offense and no embarrassment. Unlike socks, sex toys are a luxury item so there is definitely a big chance that gifting them will make the recipient happy.

Now you could buy a high-end vacuum cleaner because the person needs it but the big question is did they want it? Want and need are two very different things and most people wouldn’t put sex toys in the need category. We would argue that point because a quality sex toy can drastically improve your sex life and relationship with your body. Which is why we truly believe that gifting the right person the right sex toy is a very special gift.

Most of us can pick a t-shirt that someone would like but a sex toy not so much. It can be tricky enough to work out what you want for yourself let alone someone else. That is where this article comes in. Let's talk about some of the things you should consider for giving sex toys as a gift.

Where to start?

This is a pretty fundamental question when you are buying any kind of present for anyone. There are so many toys available so to make it easier by narrowing down the choices.

What do they love?

Time to do some discreet research. Do they already own some sex toys? If so, have you seen the collection? Do you have permission to see it?  We are not endorsing any sneaky behaviours that has you sneaking into someone else’s personal items without permission. Respecting boundaries and if you do have permission to check out their current sex toy collection. Pay special attention to the types of toys they buy;

  • If they mainly have external toys like Pom by Dame or another clitoral toy, then they are probably not be a fan of an dildo or a thruster. If they have a bunch of different types of masturbation sleeves, then they may not be up for a prostate massager or being on the receiving end of a pegging set.
  • Most of us have particular spots that we melt when they are stimulated, those spots that bring us the most pleasure. Your mission if you choose to accept it is to pay attention to these spots, then you can choose toys that target those pleasure spots.

Replace or Upgrade and Fave?

Buying something new with all the bells and whistles may seem exciting but despite the bells and whistles they may still have a favourite you could look at replacing or upgrading. When you are checking the sex toy collection take note if there is a wand with a cord that has seen better days. If you know there is a toy they absolutely love and have had for a while, consider if you could replace it with the latest model or upgraded model for example if they love the Womanizer Liberty you could get them the Womanizer Premium.

High quality brands release new versions of toys pretty due to improvements in technology and customer feedback. So, an upgrading a favourite as a gift can be the perfect present.


Is the person you are buying for new to sex toys? If they are new to this have the expressed interest in owning a sex toy? What have they said or done that make you believe that this is a gift they will enjoy? As much as we believe sex toys are amazing self-care products and that there is something to fit everyone, sex toys are not everyone’s cup of tea. For some people sex toys are not a comfortable topic and are not a good gift. Just like all parts of sex, consent with sex toys important.

If the person has expressed interest in owning a sex toy, if they have mentioned that it’s something, they have always wanted to try but never gone down that rabbit hole then it is time to go shopping.

If you are sure they will enjoy a sex toy even if there is a question mark on the level of interest you could try a gift voucher. A gift voucher can be spent on a toy, or something else like massage oil, Lubricant, condoms or something else in store.


If you are gifting the sex toy to an intimate partner it is a fun option for a date night. You don’t have to buy you can just browse, see what interests them and then later buy something as a present for them. If a date night shopping trip is not possible you can browse online together or you can pay attention to toys they mention or other things they may say. Even during online browsing even for a laugh most people will voice their likes/dislikes, so you can get a whole lot of great information. It can also be some rather fun foreplay.

If you want to buy for a friend and the idea of shopping or browsing is not possible then you can weave it magically into a conversation. Maybe ask for a recommendation on a new toy because yours is not holding charge like it should and is getting old. This can give you some vital information you can use for picking out a toy for them.

Go shopping

You have some great ideas now you get to go shopping. Here are some tips to help you select a good toy as a gift, no matter what "type" of toy you're looking to buy.

Quality Over Quantity

This rule applied to sex toys too. Not all sex toys are created equal, it may be tempting to buy a bit of this and a bit of that so that someone special you are buying for can try a few things. No one likes a gift to stop working quickly or not live up to the hype. At Bliss we only carry toys that are going to do what they claim to do - and we are not against culling products from the inventory.

Another important point is to pay attention to the manufacturer. If you do a web search of the manufacturer, is it a complete website with all the bells and whistles or is it just an auction site? Reputable brands have quality websites, trust us you will know the difference.

Materials – what is the toy made from. You want to go with non-porous materials, like silicone, glass, wood, ceramic, and stainless steel, so body-safe. Another thing you are looking out for is phthalate free, steer clear of the jelle or jelly products, these would fall into the not body safe area.

Safety is important

The sex toy industry isn't federally regulated, in Australia they are considered novelties. How a product that is used so intimately cannot be regulated is beyond us but at this point that is the case. So, the market is a bit of a free for all so you really do need to be discerning with what you spend your money on.

So, body safe materials and buying from reputable manufacturers is important and buying from retailers that actually care about what they sell you rather than just how much money they can make. You care about the person you are buying for that is obvious so you don’t want to purchase something that could potentially hurt them.

Some good news toys made from high-quality materials also tend to be higher-quality toys and they do what they say they are going to do better, last longer and do actually do pleasure better.

Double check who you are buying for?

Is this about actually buying for them or is it more something that you want them to want? Sex is a "together" activity, so that line can get blurred. You can ask yourself some questions like;

  • Is this something I want to see them use?
  • Would they buy or use this without me?
  • How do I imagine them using it—even without me in the picture?
  • What hints/tips have I gathered that make me think they want this?

If the answers you are getting are more about your wants then the other persons then you may need to take a step back and start again.


Don’t forget batteries (if the toy needs some) and a quality water-based lubricant. If you have picked a app enabled toy then download it ready to set up when you give the gift.

Giving the Package

This is not the type of gift someone wants to open around family or in a public space. So, when you wrap the gift, if it won't be separate from other gifts, make very, very sure you mark it. When you give it to them pick the time and the place. You have undoubtedly picked an amazing gift and you don’t want giving the gift to them to be embarrassing.

You can make an experience out of giving the gift. If it is appropriate you can make the giving of the gift a total pleasure experience.  Think a massage after a relaxing bath, followed by the gift. You can make it more lavish by adding a hotel stay and pampering on a weekend away. Remember when you are dreaming up the perfect way to give the present to them that it is about them and not you.


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